Silviera-Francisco v. Elizabeth Bd. of Educ., 224 N.J. 126 (2016).  “Whether a trial court order is final or interlocutory has bedeviled courts and attorneys for decades.”  So said Judge Cuff in her opinion for the Court today in this matter, a 6-0 ruling.  The issue here, though, was whether a decision of an administrative agency was final, so that the failure of a party to appeal that decision immediately foreclosed it from appealing later in the cas

Witasick v. Minnesota Mutual Life Ins. Co., 803 F.3d 184 (3d Cir. 2015).  This was an insurance coverage case.  It had a lengthy procedural history, one that implicated criminal as well as civil proceedings.  The District Court had granted a motion to dismiss the case, on the grounds that a prior settlement agreement between the parties barred the claim.  On plaintiffs’ appeal, Judge Nygaard wrote an opinion that applied the de novo standard of review that go

Electronic filing in the New Jersey appellate courts has been on the way for several years.  Previous steps toward that end were discussed here and here.

Today, attorneys and firms w