Today, the Appellate Division published a notice to the bar that was dated August 17, 2016.  That notice can be found here.  The notice advises of several procedural refinements that the Appellate Division is implementing.

Any decision that includes a concurring or dissenting opinion will now state that fact “in the attorney appearance section of the opinion.  This addition will notify readers immediately that a concurrence or dissent is attached to the opinion.”  The heading in the Appellate Div

State Nat’l Ins. Co. v. County of Camden, 824 F.3d 399 (3d Cir. 2016).  The case underlying today’s 2-1 decision involved claims of legal malpractice.  The procedural history was a tortuous one.  Ultimately, applying a “strict” view of a number of rules of procedure, the majority (Judge Fisher authored the opinion, in which Judge Chagares joined) held that plaintiff insurance company’s appeal was untimely, coming as it did 62 days after pl

The Supreme Court has published for comments the report of its Civil Practice Committee.  The report is available here.  The Committee has proposed revisions to three appellate rules.

There are two proposed changes to Rule 2:6-2.  Revised Rule 2:6-2(a)(1) would require that, in every point heading in the appellant’s brief, a parenthetical reference at the end of the heading state “the place in the record where the opinion or ruling in question is located or if the issue was not ra