Today, February 29, 2012, was Justice Long’s last day on the Supreme Court.  She turns 70 years of age tomorrow and, thus, she has reached mandatory retirement age.

Justice Long’s career has been a singularly diverse one.  Prior to her years as a Supreme Court Justice, which began in 1999, she served on the Appellate Division for fifteen years, including service as a Presiding Judge of her Part.  Before that, Justice Long sat in the Civil, Criminal and Chancery Divisions (the first woman to serve in the Chancery Division) in multiple different vicinages.  Governor

Kendall v. Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc.., 209 N.J. 173 (2012).  In this case, the 5-1 majority opinion by Justice Long offers a comprehensive tutorial about New Jersey’s “discovery rule,” which mitigates the strict statute of limitations in various circumstances.  But the main issue in the case, which involved the drug Accutane and its tendency to cause inflammatory bowel disease (including ulcerative colitis), was whether the presumption of labeling adequacy con

Rowe v. Mazel Thirty, LLC, 209 N.J. 35 (2012).  Plaintiff was a police officer whose duties in a “Safe Streets” program included checking vacant apartment buildings for drugs or other illicit activity.  Plaintiff was going down a flight of stairs to ensure that a basement door to the building was secured when cement that covered the stairs broke, causing plaintiff to fall and sustain serious injury.  Plaintiff had been at the building before, and defendants, the ow