Slawinski v. Nicholas, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2016).  There are a surprising number of published New Jersey cases in the family context regarding grandparent visitation of grandchildren.  Examples are here, here, and

HUNY & BH Associates v. Silberberg, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2016).  This 2-1 decision of the Appellate Division, issued today, is a rare published opinion on a motion to dismiss an appeal.  Defendant Silberberg filed a motion to intervene in a multi-party lawsuit on behalf of himself doing business as “Right Time,” a New York sole proprietorship.  The Law Division denied that motion, and Silberberg filed an appeal as of right.  Other parties moved to d

Catena v. Raytheon Company, 447 N.J. Super. 43 (App. Div. 2016).  The time when a cause of action accrues, for purposes of triggering the statute of limitations, is a recurring and often thorny one.  Most of the cases arise in the context of negligence cases.  Today’s decision, however, by Judge Ostrer, involved common law fraud and a claim under the Consumer Fraud Act, N.J.S.A. 56:8-2 (“CFA”), both in connection with environmental issues.

Plaintiff had bou