Joyce v. Maersk Line Ltd., ___ F.3d ___ (3d Cir. 2017).  Today’s decision by Judge Jordan for a unanimous en banc court began with a pun and continued as follows: “Today we stop swimming against the tide of opinion on an important question of maritime law.  Following the lead of several of our sister circuits, we now hold that a union contract freely entered by a seafarer– a contract that includes rates of maintenance, cure, and and unearned wages– wi

In re Horizon Healthcare Services Inc. Data Breach Litig., 846 F.3d 625 (3d Cir. 2017).  [Dislcosure:  My firm, Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC, is co-lead counsel for the successful plaintiffs in this appeal].  Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. (“Horizon”) provides health care insurance to millions of New Jersey citizens.  Horizon kept insureds personal identifying information on laptop computers. 

North Jersey Media Group Inc. v. United States, 836 F.3d 421 (3d Cir. 2016).  The 2013 closure of lanes at the George Washington Bridge, which led to extraordinary traffic backups in Fort Lee, has taken on the label of “Bridgegate” due to the involvement in the closure of persons highly placed in the Christie administration.  William Baroni and Bridget Kelly are about to go on trial on criminal charges in connection with Bridgegate.

The United