Silviera-Francisco v. Elizabeth Bd. of Educ., 224 N.J. 126 (2016).  “Whether a trial court order is final or interlocutory has bedeviled courts and attorneys for decades.”  So said Judge Cuff in her opinion for the Court today in this matter, a 6-0 ruling.  The issue here, though, was whether a decision of an administrative agency was final, so that the failure of a party to appeal that decision immediately foreclosed it from appealing later in the cas

Estate of Grieco v. Schmidt, 440 N.J. Super. 557 (App. Div. 2015).  Today’s decision by Judge Fisher is another example of an appellate ruling involving hearsay rules.  In this wrongful death case, plaintiffs’ decedent allegedly died as a result of defendants’ medical malpractice in connection with laparoscopic gastric banding surgery.  The appeal in

Daniels v. Hollister Co., 440 N.J. Super. 359 (App. Div. 2015).  Readers of this blog have gotten their fill (including, most recently, here and here) of discussion and analysis of the notion that there is some sort of “class