The Supreme Court announced today that it has granted review in two more appeals.  One case involves unemployment benefits, a subject that the Court visits only occasionally.  The other is a criminal appeal.

The unemployment matter is Ardan v. Board of Review.  The question presented in that appeal, as phrased by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, is “Was this individual disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits because she left her employment at Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County, Inc. without good cause attributable to the work?”  In a

In re Declaratory Judgment Actions Filed by Various Municipalities, ___ N.J. ___ (2017).  In the Appellate Division decision in this case, reported at 446 N.J. Super. 259 (App. Div. 2016), and discussed here, the panel faced the question of whether a municipality’s affordable housing need for the period of 1999-2015 (a time when the Council on Afford

Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO v. New Jersey Civil Service Comm’n, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2016).  Article V, section 4, paragraph 6 of the New Jersey Constitution, approved by the voters in 1992, gives the Legislature the power to “review any [administrative agency] rule or regulation to determine if the rule or regulation is consistent with the intent of the Legislature as expressed in the language of the