On this date in 1956, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in In re Pennsylvania R. Co., 20 N.J. 398 (1956).  Along with Romano v. Maglio, 41 N.J. Super. 561 (App. Div. 1956), discussed here, this opinion remains a leading authority regarding motions for leave to appeal.

The case involved a discovery dispute, specifically, the denial of a motion to quash a discovery subpoena.  An appeal as of right was taken to the Appellate Division, and when a motion was made to dismiss th

Joyce v. Maersk Line Ltd., ___ F.3d ___ (3d Cir. 2017).  Today’s decision by Judge Jordan for a unanimous en banc court began with a pun and continued as follows: “Today we stop swimming against the tide of opinion on an important question of maritime law.  Following the lead of several of our sister circuits, we now hold that a union contract freely entered by a seafarer– a contract that includes rates of maintenance, cure, and and unearned wages– wi

Currently, there is much litigation about rent control, including cases such as this one.  But the subject of rent control is not new.  Instead, in our state courts, it goes back at least as far as the immediate post-World War II era, as reflected by Jamoneau v. Harner, 16 N.J. 500 (1954), which was decided on this date 63 years ago.  There, in an opinion by Justice Heher for a 6-1 majority (Chief Justice Vanderbilt dissented, without an opinion), the Court rebuffed a landlord’s attack on