The Supreme Court announced today that it has granted review in State v. Hyppolite.  The question presented, as phrased by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, is “Did the State withhold exculpatory evidence from defendant at the time of the detention hearing, and, if so, what is the appropriate remedy under the circumstances where defendant since has been indicted?”  The Court ordered that this case be accelerated.  No supplemental briefing has been scheduled.  Any proposed amicus must file no later than April 11, and the parties will have until May 11 to respon

Last week, the Supreme Court announced that it had granted certification in five more cases.  Three of them are criminal appeals, one involves additur after a jury verdict, and one implicates the entire controversy doctrine.

The question presented in State v. Santamaria, as phrased by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, is “Did the State’s introduction of more than fifty sexually explicit photographs, which were taken after the victim turned eighteen, for the purpose of establishing the existence of a sexual relationship between defendant and the victim when the

The Supreme Court announced that it will take up two more matters.  One is a certified question from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a consumer protection context, specifically, the sale of Super Bowl tickets (with the next Super Bowl to be played on this coming Sunday, the Court’s timing is impeccable).  The other is a criminal appeal involving the admissibility of prior convictions.

Finkelman v. National Football League has been pending in federal court for some time.  With the case now before the Third Circuit, the Supreme Court has agreed to answer the fol