The Third Circuit website contains a notice today that “CM/ECF is Unavailable.  There is a problem with the application that is currently being addressed.  Deadlines for Tuesday, May 16, 2017 are automatically extended until Wednesday, May 17, 2017.”

Today, the New Jersey Judiciary debuted its new website.  (For some time, there was a link on the prior site that allowed for a sneak peek at the new site).  The address of the site,, remains the same.  The site has been redesigned with the goal of directing attorneys, members of the public, the media, or others, to things likely to be of most interest to each such group.  The new site will take some getting used to, like anything that changes.  Certainly, the Judiciary believes that the site is not only new, but improved.  Users of the site will draw their own

The Appellate Division schedule of Parts for the period June 19 through September 13 was published today and is available here.  As usual, no judge is on duty for more than one two-week period during the summer.  Except for Part P, the summer Parts all consist of two judges, though “[a] third judge will be available for each [P]art as needed.”  For undisclosed reasons, Part P, one of two Parts that will cover Session 4, July 31-August 13, consists of three judges, Judges Sabatino, O’Connor, and Gib