Today, the 2017-18 General Assignment Order issued by Chief Justice Rabner was published.  It is available here.

Judge Messano continues as Presiding Judge for Administration, and Judge Sabatino remains the Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration.  The Presiding Judges of the eight Parts of the Appellate Division are the same as last year, except that Judge Simonelli has replaced Judge Lihotz as Presiding Judge of Part B.  The other Presiding Judges, in Part letter order, are Judges Sabatino, Reisner, Alvarez, Messano,

Those of us who have handled pro bono appeals in the Appellate Division received notice from that court today that its Civil Pro Bono Program is being suspended.  The notice stated that “[d]ue to changes to the judiciary website the link to the pro bono cases is no longer active.  In addition, changes to security protocols make the prior system no longer secure.  Therefore, the Appellate Civil Pro Bono Program is now suspended.”

That part of the notice made it seem that technology changes had overtaken the need to provide pro bono appellate services in civil matters. 

The Third Circuit website contains a notice today that “CM/ECF is Unavailable.  There is a problem with the application that is currently being addressed.  Deadlines for Tuesday, May 16, 2017 are automatically extended until Wednesday, May 17, 2017.”