A Plug for the Appellate Pro Bono Civil Pilot Program

Baptiste v. Baptiste, 2010 WL 5395803 (App. Div. Oct. 29, 2010).  In this otherwise run-of-the-mill appeal, the Appellate Division thanked a private lawyer for appearing with plaintiff at oral argument and supplying transcripts under the court’s Pro Bono Civil Pilot Program.  The Program, which provides pro bono representation in Special Civil Part, landlord-tenant, and domestic violence appeals, was started several years ago.  Several dozen firms initially volunteered to handle these appeals pro bono, but only a relative few have actually done so.  [Disclosure:  My firm, Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC, has handled three such appeals under my supervision].

The Appellate Division rightly expressed its appreciation to counsel who handled this matter.  The court would certainly welcome other counsel to handle civil appeals pro bono under the Program.

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  2. Pat says:

    New Jersey needs this pro bono program available in the chancery court. Judges run amuck over defendants in chancery despite any of their claims against the lenders and then force them pro se into the appellate court where the expense and the rules alone can lead to failure. Most of the NJ chancery judges are grossly and clearly unfair. And they seem to be totally unphased about being overturned on appellate review. I think it is understood and accepted in the NJ court system that it is okay to mistreat the pro per and not allow them due process.

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  4. Passion Moore says:

    Hi, can someone please assist me in California with a Pro Bono Appellate Attorney needed for oral argument?

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