“Third Circuit Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide”

At the upcoming 38th Annual United States District Court Judicial Conference sponsored by the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey on March 20, 2014, one of the programs is titled “Third Circuit Practice:  A Practitioner’s Guide.”  Among the panelists are Third Circuit Judges Chagares and Shwartz.  That session will undoubtedly be very educational for those who practice, or wish to practice, in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  (The first session that day, titled “Why Women Lawyers Should Stay in the Game:  A View From the Bench and Bar,” which features retired Justice Long, Judge Wolfson, and Magistrate Judges Arleo and Williams, will also be very well worth hearing).

The Association of the Federal Bar website does not appear to accommodate online registrations.  Thus, registrations need to be done the old-fashioned way: by mail.  The deadline to register is March 14.