The Tenth Anniversary of New Jersey Appellate Law Blog

Ten years ago yesterday, the first post on this blog appeared. Since then, there have been 1,780 others, nearly one every other calendar day for the last ten years.

As far as I can recall, only one post on this blog has appeared on a weekend. That was because a blockbuster event– the death of Justice Scalia the day before– had occurred, about which reporting could not be delayed. Thus, today’s post did not appear yesterday, since this anniversary is not on a par with Justice Scalia’s death.

This blog would have little value without its many readers: jurists at all levels, attorneys, law faculty and students, and numerous non-lawyer members of the public. As has been the case at every anniversary, my thanks once again go out to all readers, and with special thanks to those who have recommended the blog to others or who have cited the blog in legal writings.

With that, year eleven begins.