The Supreme Court Adds Two Cases Involving Schools

The Supreme Court announced that it will review two new cases.  One is at the Court as of right, due to a dissent in the Appellate Division.  The Court granted certification in the other.

The appeal as of right is Green v. Monmouth University.  The Appellate Division’s decision was discussed here.  The Appellate Division, with Judge Fisher dissenting, affirmed summary judgment for the University in a Charitable Immunity Act case.  The question presented at the Supreme Court, as phrased by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, is “Under the circumstances presented, was Monmouth University, a non-profit educational institution, entitled to summary judgment on the ground of charitable immunity, where plaintiff allegedly was injured while attending a concert on University property?”

The other case is L.R. Camden City Public School District.  There, the question presented is “Are plaintiffs– the mother of a student with a disability and a nonprofit advocacy organization– entitled to obtain from several school districts redacted copies of settlement agreements and records reflecting the provision of special services to other qualified students?”  The Appellate Division ruled that plaintiffs in these cases were entitled to access, on certain conditions.  452 N.J. Super. 56 (App. Div. 2017).  The Supreme Court will have the final word.