The General Assignment Order for 2017-18

Today, the 2017-18 General Assignment Order issued by Chief Justice Rabner was published.  It is available here.

Judge Messano continues as Presiding Judge for Administration, and Judge Sabatino remains the Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration.  The Presiding Judges of the eight Parts of the Appellate Division are the same as last year, except that Judge Simonelli has replaced Judge Lihotz as Presiding Judge of Part B.  The other Presiding Judges, in Part letter order, are Judges Sabatino, Reisner, Alvarez, Messano, Fisher, Yannotti, and Fuentes.  The Parts themselves have been reshuffled from last year, as usually occurs.

There are also some personnel changes.  No longer members of the Appellate Division are Judges Lihotz, Espinosa, and Kennedy.  Four retired judges who were temporarily assigned on recall last year, Judges Grall, Guadagno, Lisa, and Sapp-Peterson, are no longer assigned to the Appellate Division.  Four judges who were promoted to the Appellate Division last year, on a temporarily assigned basis, remain on the Appellate Division.  They are Judges Mayer (Part C), Geiger (Part D), Moynihan (Part F), and Mawla (Part G).  There is also a “Temporary Assignee” to be named later shown as filling out Part A.