The 2018-19 General Assignment Order

Chief Justice Rabner has issued the General Assignment Order for 2018-19.  It is available here.  The Appellate Division lineup again features Judge Messano as Presiding Judge for Administration and Judge Sabatino as Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration.  Those two judges, as well as Judges Simonelli, Koblitz, Alvarez, Fisher, Yannotti, and Fuentes, will serve as Presiding Judges for the eight Parts of the Appellate Division.  Judge Reisner, who had been a Presiding Judge of a Part previously, is now shown as a member of Judge Alvarez’s Part D.

The three judges newly appointed to serve temporarily on the Appellate Division have been assigned as follows.  Judge Mitterhoff joins Part A, of which Judge Sabatino is the Presiding Judge.  Judge Firko will be a member of Part F, which is headed by Judge Fisher.  Finally, Judge Natali will be one of the judges on Part G, over which Judge Yannotti presides.