Supreme Court Denies Certification in Blended Charter School Case

The Supreme Court denied certification in In re Grant of Charters to Merit Preparatory School and Newark Preparatory Charter School, 435 N.J. Super. 273 (App. Div. 2014).  The Appellate Division’s decision is discussed here.  The case involved the grant of charters to two blended online/bricks-and-mortar charter schools, and the Appellate Division rejected challenges to the issuance of those charters.  [Disclosure:  My partner at Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLCMichael Patunas, and our colleague Jeffrey A. Shooman, were co-counsel for Newark Preparatory Charter School].  The New Jersey Education Association filed a petition for certification that sought review of the Appellate Division’s decision, but the Supreme Court denied that petition, bringing the matter to a close.