Supreme Court Affirms Appellate Division’s Rejection of Suit Challenging “Kyleigh’s Law”

Trautmann v. Christie, 211 N.J. 300 (2012).  “Kyleigh’s Law” requires teenage drivers to place an identifying marker on their cars.  That law displeased some, particularly the affected drivers and their families.  One such objector sued, challenging the law as unconstitutional on various grounds.  The Law Division dismissed the complaint and the Appellate Division affirmed.  The Appellate Division’s decision, 418 N.J. Super. 559 (App. Div. 2011), is discussed here.  Plaintiff’s petition for certification to the Supreme Court was granted, but that Court affirmed the dismissal as well, in a brief per curiam opinion.  The Court agreed completely with the opinion of Judge Grall for the unanimous Appellate Division panel.  Unless plaintiff tries to go the Supreme Court of the United States, an extreme longshot, or unless the Legislature acts to change or repeal it, Kyleigh’s Law will remain in effect.