Senate Judiciary Committee Endorses Judge Solomon for the Supreme Court

Following yesterdays’ 11-2 Senate Judiciary Committee vote in favor of the reappointment of Chief Justice Rabner, the Judiciary Committee held a one-hour hearing on Governor Christie’s nomination of Judge Lee Solomon to fill another Supreme Court seat.  The hearing was uneventful, with Judge Solomon emphasizing that, if confirmed for the Supreme Court,  he was required to, and would, leave behind any public policy preferences that he might have and instead judge cases on their legal merits. 

he Judiciary Committee approved Judge Solomon by a vote of 12-1, compared with the 11-2 vote than Chief Justice Rabner got.  Sen. Mike Doherty (R-Warren) was the only Senator to vote against Judge Solomon, a Republican nominated by a Republican Governor.  As with Chief Justice Rabner, there appears to he no reason why Judge Solomon should not be confirmed to the Court by the full Senate.