Reinforcements for the Appellate Division

Due to a major of my own in a mass tort case on Tuesday of this week, I missed the announcement that five trial level judges are receiving additional temporary assignments to the Appellate Division.  The Appellate Division anticipates some retirements at the fast-approaching end of the term.  The untimely death of Judge Higbee, and the fact that Judge Guadagno has reached the mandatory retirement age, has already reduced the roster of the Appellate Division.   But the cavalry is coming to the rescue.

Judge Christine Farrington, who has sat in both Bergen and Essex Counties, will join Part H.  Judge Richard Geiger, who now sits in Cumberland County, will become a member of Part A.  Judge Hany Mawla, currently in Somerset County, will join Part B.  Judge Jessica Mayer, who sits in Middlesex County and who is one of the Mass Tort judges statewide, will be sitting on Part C.  Judge Scott Moynihan, currently sitting in Union County, will join Part F.

All of those appointments commence on April 10, 2017 and run until June 18, 2017, except as to Judge Geiger, whose appointment continues through July 2, 2017.  The Appellate Division will certainly welcome the additional personnel, as, no doubt, will litigants.

A warm welcome to the Appellate Division to all five of the new designees.