Mandatory Electronic Filing for All Appellate Division Appeals Begins January 1, 2018

In an order dated September 26 that was only just published, the Supreme Court has mandated that electronic filing of all appeals, of all types, in the Appellate Division will begin on January 1, 2018.  The Court’s order is available here.  After that date, “attorneys in all case types who file paper pleadings and documents that are required to be filed electronically will have those documents returned date-stamped ‘Received But Not Filed- Must be Filed Electronically.”  Such papers must be filed electronically within fifteen days in order to preserve the original filing date.  There is a special provision for pro se litigants.

There is training offered to assist persons in the use of this system.  This is the final step in a program to institute electronic filing that began back in 2012.  Trees and postage will be saved as the Appellate Division adopts this latest technology.