Justice Fernandez-Vina Gets Tenure Approval From the Senate Judiciary Committee

Governor Murphy’s nomination of Justice Fernandez-Vina for tenure on the Supreme Court until age 70 got a unanimous endorsement from the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday. Senators had only positive things to say about him. The full Senate is expected to vote on tenure on Thursday, October 29. If confirmed, Justice Fernandez-Vina, now 68, could serve until February 2022, when he will turn 70.

Justice Fernandez-Vina has been a solid member of the Court since his appointment by Governor Christie in 2013. His written opinions are clear and as concise as they can be, given the nature of the issues that generally come before the Court. As one of only two Justices who sat in a trial level court (Justice Solomon is the other), Justice Fernandez-Vina brings that special perspective to the Court.

Justice Fernandez-Vina is deserving of tenure. Governor Murphy was right to re-nominate him, and the Senate should confirm him.