Judges Currier and Gilson are Elevated to the Appellate Division

Chief Justice Rabner announced yesterday that Judges Currier and Gilson will be elevated to the Appellate Division, effective on August 1, 2015.  Both of those judges had been temporarily assigned to the Appellate Division earlier this year, so these elevations are not unexpected.

Judge Currier has sat in Middlesex County since her appointment in 2004.  She has served in both the Civil and Family Divisions there.  Before being appointed to the bench, Judge Currier was a partner at Connell Foley.

Judge Gilson was named to the bench in 2009.  He sat in the Morris/Sussex vicinage, first in the Family Division and then in the Criminal Division.  Before that, he was a partner at Riker Danzig and then, immediately prior to taking the bench, he served as Director of the Division of Law in the Office of the Attorney General.

A warm welcome to Judges Currier and Gilson.