Judge Greenaway Will Retire From the Third Circuit on June 15

Judge Greenaway announced that he will retire on June 15. The judge, age 65, had been appointed to the District of New Jersey bench in 1996 by President Clinton and to the Third Circuit by President Obama in 2010.

Unlike some other judges who have conditioned their retirement on the nomination and confirmation of a successor of whom those judges approved, Judge Greenaway’s retirement announcement is without such strings. His action gives President Biden another vacancy to fill on the Third Circuit, the fourth vacancy to be filled by the President. The Senate confirmed two of President Biden’s Third Circuit nominees, Arianna Freeman and Tamika Montgomery-Reeves, and his third nominee, Cindy Chung, recently cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Currently, the Third Circuit has a 7-6 Republican majority. President Biden’s nomination of a successor to Judge Greenaway is unlikely to change that.

Judge Greenaway has been an asset in every respect to the courts on which he has sat, and a pleasure to appear before. He will be missed.