Judge Aldisert Reportedly Will Retire

According to a report that can be found here, Judge Aldisert, appointed to the Third Circuit by President Johnson in 1968, will retire in August of this year.  He is 94 years old. 

Judge Aldisert served as Chief Judge of the Third Circuit from 1984-86.  He took senior status in 1986 and moved to California.  Since that time, he has sat by designation in cases in the Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Circuits, thereby spreading his wisdom literally around the nation.

Besides his several thousand opinions, including many landmark rulings, Judge Aldisert is known for his authorship of numerous books and articles.  Some of his books include a casebook, The Judicial Process:  Text, Materials and Cases, Logic for Lawyers:  A Guide to Clear Legal Thinking, Winning on Appeal:  Better Briefs and Oral Argument, Road to the Robes:  A Federal Judge Recollects Young Years and Early Times, and Opinion Writing.  He also was part of an extraordinary quartet of Third Circuit judges (Judges Aldisert, Garth, Sloviter, and Weis) who together authored a memorial tribute to Judge Rosenn that appeared at 154 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1026 (2006).   

This summary does not even begin to scratch the surface of Judge Aldisert’s impact on the judicial system in his many years of service.  That impact was profound.  Judge Aldisert has been a unique presence who will be missed.