“In the Good Old Summertime”- Appellate Division Summer Parts

Chief Justice Rabner has announced the lineup of Appellate Division Parts for the coming summer. The schedule consists of six 14-day “Sessions,” beginning on June 15 and ending on September 6.

Each Session has two-judge Parts, one of whom is designated as the Presiding Judge, with specific judges named to each Part. No judge will sit during more than one Session.

The first three Sessions, from June 15-July 26, have three Parts each, while the final three Sessions, covering July 27-September 6, have two Parts each. Presumably, this reflects an expectation that there will be fewer matters during the late summer, when many attorneys take vacation.

The Order states that the Presiding Judge of a part will decide the time and place of any hearing. “A third judge will be available for each part as needed.”