Hello, Newman

Here’s an unusual pair of decisions.  Laurence S. Newman married Lynda in 1985.  They were divorced in 1994.  Mr. Newman then married Debra in 1995.  That marriage ended in divorce in 2005.  Two different matrimonial cases, one involving Lynda and the other involving Debra, were argued on the same day and were decided today by the same two-judge panel (Judges Grall and LeWinn) of the Appellate Division.  The cases are Debra Newman v. Laurence S. Newman, Docket No. A-4503-08T3, and Laurence S. Newman v. Lynda Newman, Docket No. A-780-09T3.  Mr. Neuman, the appellant in both cases, and represented by the same counsel in each, lost both appeals.