Five New Temporary Assignments to the Appellate Division

Effective January 23, 2012, and continuing through April 13, 2012, Judge Allison Accurso, who had been the Presiding Judge, General Equity, Somerset County, has been temporarily assigned to Part C of the Appellate Division.  Judge Richard Hoffman, who had sat in the Civil Division, Gloucester County, has been temporarily assigned to Part A for that same period of time.

Three other judges will be temporarily assigned to the Appellate Division for the period February 20, 2012 through May 4, 2012.  They are Judges Michael Guadagno (currently the Presiding Judge, Family Part, Monmouth County), who will take a seat on Part E, Michael J. Haas, who sits in the Criminal Division, Burlington County and will join Part H, and Susan F. Maven, who currently sits in the Family Part, Atlantic County and will serve on Part F.

Congratulations and welcome to all of these judges.  These are all temporary assignments, and it remains to be seen whether any or all of these jurists will remain on the Appellate Division thereafter.