Cheryl Krause is Confirmed to the Third Circuit

The Senate today voted to confirm Cheryl Krause, a resident of New Jersey, for a seat on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  She is a partner at Dechert’s Philadelphia office, where she specializes in white-collar criminal defense and government investigations.  She has been an Assistant United States Attorney, and has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Stanford Law Schools.  She also clerked for Justice Kennedy.  She got her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and her J.D. from Stanford.  The seat that she will fill opened up when Judge Sloviter took senior status.

Judge Krause first had to survive a vote on cloture.  The vote in favor of cloture was 57-39 with four Senators not voting.  The ultimate vote on her nomination itself was 93-0 with seven Senators not voting.  Congratulations to Judge Krause!