Blatant Self-Promotion (Perhaps Mitigated by Borrowing Another Blogger’s Material, With Attribution)

Each year, the American Bar Association nominates legal blogs for its “Blawg 100” list.  If this were a post urging readers to nominate this blog, it would include a link to information as to how make such a nomination.  That link would be here.  But such a request would be blatantly self-promoting.

Instead, after pondering for a little while whether to raise the subject on this blog at all, not having done so in previous years, I offer the clever post by Matthew Stiegler on his CA3 Third Circuit blog, which discussed the Blawg 100 list and the process for submitting nominations.  That post is available here.  [Disclosure:  That post, and others on the CA3 Blog, have cited this blog favorably, just as this blog has cited CA3 Blog approvingly on various occasions].

The CA3 Blog post about the ABA Blawg 100 list concludes by carefully noting that the post “is not at all about nominating [his] blog for the Blawg 100.”  Similarly, this post is not at all about nominating New Jersey Appellate Law Blog to that distinguished list.  But if readers were to decide, purely of their own volition, to nominate this blog, or for that matter the CA3 Blog, which is eminently worthy, the place to do that would be here.  The deadline is August 7, 2016.