Bar Pass Rates Remain Steady, Meaning That Committee on Character Cases Likely Will Too

The Supreme Court Clerk’s office announced that the pass rate for the most recent New Jersey Bar examination, administered in October, was 66.17%. That was almost identical to the pass rate for the July 2019 exam, which was 66.20% percent. The pass rate for the past five administrations of the July Bar exam was 64.93%.

According to the Clerk’s Office, 913 Bar applicants passed the exam and were being notified of the results. Some percentage of those candidates have not yet been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey Committee on Character. For a number of those persons, that will not be a major impediment to admission. Others, however, who have serious issues in their background, will need to prove their current character and fitness to practice law. Counsel may be desirable for those candidates, to maximize their chances of admission.