” … And the Livin’ is Eas[ier]”: Appellate Division Summer Parts for 2019

The summer schedule for the Appellate Division was announced late yesterday.  The Order of Chief Justice Rabner that contains the full schedule is available here.

“Summer” (a term not actually used in the Order) in the Appellate Division begins on June 17 and ends on September 8.  That period is divided into six “sessions.”  Each session lasts for two weeks.  Sessions 1 and 2, from June 17-30 and July 1-14, respectively, have three Parts, while the remaining sessions have two Parts each.  All of the Parts consist of two judges except for Part Q, which will sit during Session 4 (July 29-August 11).  That Part will consist of Judges Sabatino, Rose, and Mitterhoff.  For the two-judge Parts, the Chief Justice’s Order states that “[a] third judge will be available for each part as needed.”

Each Appellate Division judge is assigned to sit on one summer Part.  That allows the judges, among other things, to catch up with opinion-writing and, perhaps, get a bit of a break before the next Term begins.