An Apology, and Many Thanks

For the last few days, this blog had been infected with spam posts, on subjects that this blog would normally not discuss, in languages other than English, and/or with more gibberish than usually appears here. The site has now been cleaned and restored to its former ways. My apologies to all for the time that it took, for the fact that some of the spam posts were on subjects that might have been offensive, and for the inconvenience that readers underwent as a result of the hack of this blog.

My deepest thanks go to the many readers who wrote to alert me of the problem and offer encouragement. As I have often said, including most recently here, I’m very grateful to the readership of this blog and to those who offer comments within the blog or by other means. I greatly appreciate the support of readers during this episode, and I look forward to getting back to posting about New Jersey appellate law.

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