A Reminder From the Appellate Division About Recent Appellate Rule Changes

This morning, the Appellate Division published a notice to the bar that was dated August 26, 2016.  That notice is available here.  The intent of the notice is to highlight certain rule changes that will become effective on September 1, 2016.  Those changes, discussed in detail here, require that the appellant’s brief include a table of judgments, orders, and rulings being appealed, and that the appellant’s table of contents and any relevant point heading state the location in the appellate record of the opinion or ruling in question.  The other change that is mentioned in today’s notice to the bar involves revisions to Rule 2:6-11(d), which deals with the submission of a letter citing newly-issued authority after a brief has already been filed.

September 1 is just two days away.  These new rules become effective then.