2010-11 Court Year Statistics

The New Jersey Judiciary has released its 2010-11 court year report.  During the past year, according to that report, the Supreme Court of New Jersey received 1,184 petitions for certification.  It is not clear whether that figure also includes notices of appeal as of right or motions for leave to appeal.  The Court heard oral argument in 80 cases, issued 81 written decisions, and decided 1,854 motions.

The Appellate Division received 6,181 appeals and 867 “interlocutory motions.”  The eight panels of the Appellate Division decided 6,673 cases.  Approximately 260 of the court’s opinions in those cases were approved for publication and therefore have precedential value.  The Appellate Division also decided 7,496 motions, according to the report.  There is a reason why New Jersey’s Appellate Division is known as the busiest unified appellate court (that is, no divisions or departments, as in New York and some other states) in the nation.