Royster v. New Jersey State Police, 227 N.J. 482 (2017).  Today’s decision is a unique one.  Writing for the majority of five Justices (Justices LaVecchia, Patterson, Fernandez-Vina, Solomon, and Timpone), Justice Solomon affirmed the decision of the Appellate Division that the New Jersey State Police could properly assert the doctrine of sovereign immunity for the first time in a seven-year litigation in a post-trial motion for judgment.  The jury had awarded plainti

State v. Morrison, 227 N.J. 295 (2016).  In today’s unanimous opinion by Justice Albin, the issue was whether a volunteer emergency medical technician (“EMT”) is a “public servant” who can be charged with official misconduct under N.J.S.A. 2C:30-2(a).  This was one of a number of criminal charges that defendant faced in connection with alleged misappropriation of funds that belonged to the Pemberton Rescue Squad.  Defendant was a member of the Squad, as well as

Cuevas v. Wentworth Group, 226 N.J. 480 (2016).  In He v. Miller, 207 N.J. 230 (2011), the Supreme Court addressed issues of remittitur at length and in detail.  Among other things, the Court there “endorsed the use of comparable verdicts in remittitur motions,” as Justice Albin stated in his unanimous opinion today.  But in today’s opinion, the Court announced that “the comparison of supposedly similar verdicts to assess whether a particular damages