In re Revocation or Suspension of Provisional Accreditation of Eastwick College LPN-to-RN Bridge Program, 225 N.J. 533 (2016).  As Justice Patterson reminded us in her opinion in this case today, an administrative agency’s interpretation of its own regulations receives deference from reviewing courts unless the interpretation is “plainly unreasonable.”  Today, however, a unanimous Supreme

Globe Motor Co. v. Igdalev, 225 N.J. 469 (2016).  One of the fundamental principles of summary judgment jurisprudence is that a court cannot grant summary judgment when there are genuine disputes of material fact.  In evaluating whether such issues exist, the court is to give all reasonable inferences to the opponent of the motion.

Nonetheless, today, the Supreme Court had a case, involving the plaintiff’s attempt to enforce a settlement agreement, that required reiteration of t

In each of the last two days, the Supreme Court issued unanimous opinions involving the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 to -42 (“LAD”).  Yesterday, in Smith v. Millville Rescue Squad, 225 N.J. 373 (2016), the Court ruled that the LAD’s protection against discrimination based on marital status extends to persons who have separated from a spouse and are in the process of divorce.  Judge Cuff wrote that opinion.  Today, in