Reilly v. City of Harrisburg, 858 F.3d 173 (3d Cir. 2017).  This case involved claims by plaintiffs that an ordinance of the City of Harrisburg unconstitutionally deprived them of the ability to protest outside abortion clinics.  The District Court denied a preliminary injunction.  Plaintiffs appealed, asking the Third Circuit to address the ultimate merits of their constitutional claim.  Speaking through Judge Ambro, the court declined to do that.  But the panel did write a de

In connection with the upcoming Bridgegate trial of Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly, news outlets had asked Judge Wigenton, who is handling the matter in the District Court, to release to the public a list of names of unindicted co-conspirators.  That list has been provided to defense counsel.  Judge Wigenton ordered that the list be made public.  One of the people on that list, John Doe, sought to block the release of the list.  Judge Wigenton rejected John Doe’s arguments and denied a stay of her ruling.

John Doe appealed to the Third Circuit.  Yesterday, in an Order that

In re NFL Players Concussion Injury Litig., 821 F.3d 410 (3d Cir. 2016).  Too often, objectors to settlements of class action litigation “risk making the perfect the enemy of the good,” to quote Judge Ambro’s opinion for the Third Circuit in this case today.  But “perfect” is not the test.  Instead, class action settlements need only be “fair, reasonable, and adequate” for the class.  Applying the abuse of discretion standa