By a 22-16 vote, the Senate passed and sent to the Assembly a bill known as S-2515.  An identical bill, A-3269, has been introduced in the Assembly.  That legislation would confer the title of “Acting Justice” on any judge of the Appellate Division who is assigned by the Chief Justice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court and occupies that seat for at least six months.  From the language of the bill, it appears that the title would be earned only once the Appellate Division judge has reac

Last night, the Morris County Bar Association presented “New Jersey Appellate Practice:  Tips from the Bench and Bar.”  The program and participants were discussed here.  Roughly 125 people attended, and everyone learned some new things and heard again some familiar things.  A sampling follows.

Justice Patterson suggested that Conclusion sections in appellate briefs include a punchy summary of the client’

In September 2013, the Morris County Bar Association presented a seminar titled “Building the Trial Record and Arguing it on Appeal.”  The panelists were Justice Patterson, Judges Sabatino, Stern, and Axelrad, and me.  The MCBA got such a favorable response to that presentation that they have invited back the same group of panelists for another program, titled “New Jersey Appellate Practice:  Tips From the Bench and Bar.”  That