Noren v. Heartland Payment Systems, Inc., 449 N.J. Super. 193 (App. Div. 2017).  On February 6, 2017, the Appellate Division issued a published opinion in this case, which was discussed here.  In that opinion, the panel dismissed defendant’s cross-appeal from the denial of its motion for summary judgment because defendant had not included in the appellate a

Matejek v. Watson, 449 N.J. Super. 179 (App. Div. 2017).  Sometimes, judicial opinions do not require the citation of many cases in order to reach their result.  That can be most true in cases involving Chancery issues, where inventive solutions sometimes go beyond what precedent may offer.  Today’s opinion by Judge Fisher in an environmental case is an example.

Oil was discovered in a tributary to a brook in Hillsborough.  There were five condominium units adjoining the area,

Krzykalski v. Tindall, 448 N.J. Super. 1 (App. Div. 2016).  This was an auto accident case.  At trial, the jury was allowed to consider in the comparative negligence mix not only defendant’s negligence but that of a John Doe defendant whose driving had a role in the collision.  The jury found Doe 97% negligent and defendant only 3% negligent, resulting in a molded damage award to the first named plaintiff of just $3,236.70.  No damages were awarded to the other plaintiff, his ex-