Robertelli v. New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics, 224 N.J. 470 (2016).  As today’s decision by Chief Justice Rabner describes in exquisite detail, the Supreme Court has established two different bodies to regulate attorneys:  the District Ethics Committees (“DECs”) and the Office of Attorney Ethics (“OAE”).  Today’s ruling addresses the interplay between those two agencies, which are both governed by Rule 1:20.


State v. Buckner, 223 N.J. 1 (2015).  In one of the biggest cases of the current the Supreme Court term, the Court today upheld the practice of permitting retired judges to serve temporarily on recall.  The vote was 5-1.  Chief Justice Rabner wrote the majority opinion.  Justice Albin filed a dissent.  The decision affirms the ruling of the Appellate Division, 437 N.J. .Super. 8 (App. Div. 2014), which split 2-1 n the issue, as discussed

62-64 Main Street, LLC v. Hackensack Mayor & Council, 221 N.J. 129 (2015).  The Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-1 to -73, defines when an area is blighted and in need of redevelopment.  The Redevelopment Law implements Article VIII, section 3, paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, known as the Blighted Areas Clause, which states that “redevelopment of blighted areas” is a “public purpose” for which private