In the last ten days, the Supreme Court, nearing the end of its term, has issued a number of opinions.  It has been hard to keep up with them all.  To catch up, here are brief summaries of the Court’s recent rulings:

Meehan v. Antonellis, 226 N.J. 216 (2016).  In an opinion by Judge Cuff, a unanimous Court reversed the dismissal of a complaint in a dental malpractice case.  That dismissal was based on a ruling that plaintiff was required to submit an affidavit of merit from

In re Adoption of a Child by J.E.V. and D.G.V., 226 N.J. 90 (2016).  In this unanimous opinion, authored by Chief Justice Rabner, the Supreme Court ruled that an indigent parent who faces the termination of her parental rights in a private adoption proceeding has a right to appointed counsel under the due process guarantee of Article I, section 1 of the New Jersey Constitution.  The Court affirmed the ruling of the Appellate Division below, which had reversed the

Robertelli v. New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics, 224 N.J. 470 (2016).  As today’s decision by Chief Justice Rabner describes in exquisite detail, the Supreme Court has established two different bodies to regulate attorneys:  the District Ethics Committees (“DECs”) and the Office of Attorney Ethics (“OAE”).  Today’s ruling addresses the interplay between those two agencies, which are both governed by Rule 1:20.