This first post of 2016 reminds us all that appellate courts all have rules that dictate even mundane matters, such as the color of brief covers.  Appellate judges take those rules seriously, since those rules enable judges to know at a glance which brief they are about to read.

Last week, the National Football League learned that lesson in its appeal in the “Deflategate” case involving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Second Circuit Docket No. 15-2801cv.  As reported

In re New Jersey Firemen’s Ass’n Obligation to Provide Relief Applications Under the Open Public Records Act, 443 N.J. Super. 238 (App. Div. 2015).  The OPRA (Open Public Records Act) opinions just keep on coming.  This lengthy opinio

Bacon v. New Jersey State Dep’t of Education, 443 N.J. Super. 24 (App. Div. 2015).  Many of us know about so-called “Abbott school districts,” districts in economically distressed urban areas that are named for the Abbott v. Burke cases, which have challenged New Jersey’s method of school funding as unconstitutionally insufficient as applied to th