Each year, the American Bar Association nominates legal blogs for its “Blawg 100” list.  If this were a post urging readers to nominate this blog, it would include a link to information as to how make such a nomination.  That link would be here.  But such a request would be blatantly self-promoting.

Instead, after pondering for a little while whether to raise the subject on this blog at all, not having done so in previous years, I offer the clever post by Matthew Stiegler on his CA3 Third C

Thiry years ago today, the Supreme Court decided Continental Trailways, Inc. v. Director, Div. of Motor Vehicles, 102 N.J. 526 (1986). Trailways, a large bus company, sued to declare New Jersey’s Bus Excise Tax, N.J.S.A. 48:4-20, unconstitutional as unlawfully discriminating against interstate commerce.

The purpose of the tax, as summarized in Justice Garibaldi’s majority opinion, “was to require interstate buses to pay for the privilege of using state highways, in effect to compensate the State for their share of the cost of constructing and maintaining t

Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog.  It has been another interesting year of covering the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the Appellate Division, and the Third Circuit, with occasional forays elsewhere.

As in the past, I’m very grateful to the blog’s many readers, including jurists in the state courts at all levels, practitioners, law faculty and students, and laypeople (and if I missed anyone, to everyone else too), who find the blog useful and worth a piece of their very busy d