Tomorrow is Election Day.  This election presents one of the most consequential choices between major party candidates for President of the United States that this nation has ever seen.

When appropriate, this blog has criticized both Democrats and Republicans.  This blog has never endorsed a political candidate and will not do so now.  This post will, however, co

Ginsberg v. Quest Diagnostics, Inc., 227 N.J. 7 (2016).  Last year, the Appellate Division, speaking through Judge Sabatino, issued a lengthy opinion in this choice of law case.  That decision, reported at 441 N.J. Super. 198 (App. Div. 2015), was summarized here.  The Supreme Court granted review and, in a per curia

Yesterday, when I was out of the office, was the sixth anniversary of this New Jersey Appellate Law blog.  I can only offer, yet again, my thanks to those jurists, attorneys, law students, and other interested persons who have subscribed to or otherwise followed this blog, and for their thoughts and comments on it.

The past few weeks have been a slow period for published opinions from the Supreme Court, the Appellate Division, and, to some extent, the Third Circuit.  That is fairly typical of this time of the year, with new appellate terms just beginning.  But the flow of publishe