Morris v. T.D. Bank, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2018).  This case arose out of a robbery at a T.D. Bank in Union, New Jersey.  Plaintiff, an African-American man, was waiting before a teller to make a withdrawal.  Another African-American man approached the teller before plaintiff and, unbeknownst to plaintiff, gave the teller a note that said “[b]ig bills please this is a hold up.”  The teller gave him a stack of bills, and the robber left the bank.  Plaintiff then move

In re Trust of Violet Nelson, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2018).  As Judge Ostrer stated in his opinion in this case today, the issue was “whether a trial court may look beyond the apparently plain language of a trust that benefitted the settlor’s ‘grandchildren’ to determine whether the settlor intended to benefit only some of her grandchildren.”  The answer, the panel stated, was “yes,” with the result that a contrary partial summary

White Glove Hospitality, LLC v. Stockton University, 2018 WL 1352589 (App. Div. March 16, 2018).  Many seminars and articles about appellate practice focus on tips for writing better briefs or making more compelling oral arguments.  Preparing a proper appendix, a facially less interesting subject, rarely gets addressed in any detail.  Perhaps as a result of that, the Appellate Division