In a Notice to the Bar that is available here, the Appellate Division announced that it “anticipates that e-filing of appeals will be made mandatory in the fall of 2017.”  That would be the culmination of an electronic filing rollout that goes back as far as 2012.

In light of that, the Appellate Division is offering training sessions in September and October in Mount Holly, Tre

I have an oral argument coming up in the Colorado Court of Appeals, the intermediate state appellate court there.  That court offers some helpful tips about oral argument, under the headings of “Advance Preparation,” “Being Persuasive,” and “Some Things to Avoid.”  Those practice pointers, available here, are equally applicable to oral arguments in our New Jersey appellate courts and in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  C

Today’s seminar, which was sponsored by the NJSBA Appellate Practice Committee, took up the important topic of the record on appeal.  Judge Messano, who headed up the panel, began by stating that the panel hoped actiually to make this topic interesting.  He and the other presenters, who included Judges Lihotz and Cuff (Ret.), as well as representatives of the Supreme Court and Appellate Division Clerk’s offices, succeeded.

Aided by a PowerPoint presentation, the panel began from Rule 2:5-4, w