Due to an unusual amount of business travel (alas, only to three cold-weather locations) and a hefty appellate brief, I have not been able to keep up with the courts in recent weeks.  Here is a belated, and far from complete, summary of some of the decisions that our appellate courts have made in that time:

Ardan v. Board of Review, ___ N.J. ___ (2018).  In a relatively unusual (for the Supreme Court of New Jersey) 4-3 decision, the Court ruled that the Board of Review proper

The Supreme Court announced that it will take up two more matters.  One is a certified question from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a consumer protection context, specifically, the sale of Super Bowl tickets (with the next Super Bowl to be played on this coming Sunday, the Court’s timing is impeccable).  The other is a criminal appeal involving the admissibility of prior convictions.

Finkelman v. National Football League has been pending in federal court for some time.  With the case now before the Third Circuit, the Supreme Court has agreed to answer the fol

All the Way Towing, LLC v. Bucks County International, Inc., ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2018).  Today’s opinion by Judge Fisher reaffirms a fundamental principle: on summary judgment, a court must view the facts most favorably to the opponent of the motion.  The panel in this case found that the Law Division failed to do that here.  Accordingly, the decision below, which had granted the defense’s motion for summary judgment, was reversed.  But