Today, the Supreme Court announced an amendment to Rule 1:21-3(b).  That rule has, until now, permitted third-year law students at ABA-approved law schools to appear before trial courts or agencies in conjunction with a legal services or public interest organization or law school clinic certified under Rule 1:21-11(b)(1), or an agency of municipal, county, or state government certified under Rule 1:21-11(b)(3).  The amended rule announced today inserts “the Appellate Division” as another venue before whic

State v. Jones, ___ N.J. Super. ___ (App. Div. 2017).  In the “old days,” when judicial opinions appeared only in books, there was a procedure for withdrawing an Appellate Division opinion that had been approved for publication.  At that time, paper volumes of opinions approved for publication were released every week.  When there were enough pages in those soft-covered issues to fill a volume of New Jersey Superior Court Reports, the weekly paper versions were replaced by the boun

The Associated Press has reported that Judge Barry has decided to go on inactive status.  According to Chief Judge Smith, Judge Barry will be giving up her chambers and staff.

Inactive judges do not hear appeals but can still serve on court committees.  They also have the ability to return to active status at a later date.