According to the solar calendar, summer formally begins on June 21.  But the Appellate Division begins its summer schedule on June 18, as reflected in the summer Part schedule published here.  The summer is divided into six two-week “Sessions.”  Sessions 1 and 2, which begin on June 18 and July 1, respectively, will feature three two-judge Parts each, while each of the remaining sessions, the last of which ends on September 9, will see two Parts each.

There is only one three-judge

Governor Murphy announced yesterday that he is nominating Justice Patterson for tenure on the Supreme Court.  Justice Patterson has served with distinction on the Court for the past seven years.  She has written important and well-crafted opinions, and she has made herself available for frequent appearances on continuing legal education panels and other desirably activities beyond her duties on the Court.  Early indications are that this nomination should have smooth sailing.  In my view, t

The Supreme Court announced that it is seeking comments on a proposed amendment to Rule 2:11-1(b)(3).  That rule, which deals with oral argument in the appellate courts, currently states that “[n]o more than two attorneys will be heard for each party.”  The proposed amendment would say “One attorney will be heard for each party, unless the court otherwise orders.”

The current language permits parties to decide whether they want to have two counsel split an oral argument.  The amendmen