Today, the 2017-18 General Assignment Order issued by Chief Justice Rabner was published.  It is available here.

Judge Messano continues as Presiding Judge for Administration, and Judge Sabatino remains the Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration.  The Presiding Judges of the eight Parts of the Appellate Division are the same as last year, except that Judge Simonelli has replaced Judge Lihotz as Presiding Judge of Part B.  The other Presiding Judges, in Part letter order, are Judges Sabatino, Reisner, Alvarez, Messano,

Givaudan Fragrances Corp. v. Aetna Cas. & Surety Co., 227 N.J. 322 (2017).  Today’s opinion by Justice LaVecchia, a 6-0 ruling (Justice Albin did not participate) aligned New Jersey with the majority of jurisdictions on an issue of insurance law.  As the first sentence of the opinion states, the issue was “whether this state adheres to the rule that an anti-assignment clause in an insurance policy may not bar the assignment of a post-loss clai

Today, Chief Justice Rabner issued the 2016-2017 General Assignment Order, which is available here.  This document contains the assignments of all Superior and Tax Court judges for the coming term.

Relevant to the Appellate Division, the General Assignment Order continues Judge Messano as Presiding Judge for Administration and Judge Sabatino as Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration.  The eight parts (lettered from A through H as usual) have as Presiding Judges (in addition to Judge Messano,

North Jersey Brain & Spine Center v. Aetna, Inc., 801 F.3d 369 (3d Cir. 2015).  Judge Chagares’s concise opinion in this case today crystallized the issue near the outset.  “The question presented on appeal is whether a patient’s explicit assignment of payment of insurance benefits to her healthcare provider, without direct reference to the right to file suit, is sufficient to give the provider standing to sue for those benefits under ERISA

Effective January 23, 2012, and continuing through April 13, 2012, Judge Allison Accurso, who had been the Presiding Judge, General Equity, Somerset County, has been temporarily assigned to Part C of the Appellate Division.  Judge Richard Hoffman, who had sat in the Civil Division, Gloucester County, has been temporarily assigned to Part A for that same period of time.

Three other judges will be temporarily assigned to the Appellate Division for the period February 20, 2012 through May 4, 2012.  They are Judges Michael Guadagno (currently the Presiding Judge, Family Part, Monmout